I gladly started this adventure with Sheena. From her house in Washington, we drove into Vancouver to stay at Jericho Beach for a few days enjoying the beach, Granville Island, to the University of British Columbia where I went to school on exchange for one term and bits of the city. From the get go, I’ve been seeing the numbers 9 and 11 incessantly. These are numbers that have shown up in my life frequently ever since 1994 at UC Santa Cruz. It was uncanny how often 11 was coming up for me during the first few days of this trip!!!!!!!!!! I interpret it as confirmation that I am heading in the right direction.

After Sheena left, I stayed in a downtown a hostel where I took  a $5 yoga class on the beach offered thru the hostel. The next day, I took an amazing bargain of a tour (only $12.50!) from a retired man named Erik who volunteers his time only charging for the transport costs. We explored Northern Vancouver and Lynn Canyon via bus, electric bus, ferry, subway and walking. We went across a suspension bridge which was an interesting feeling for me… it had memories of the unsteadiness of hiking Half Dome yet despite my body’s alarms going off, I enjoyed the view 😛  I had a bit of trouble on the hikes because there was a lot of downhill parts and my body still doesn’t like anything downhill. I had to borrow an arm for added security every time and was very grateful to those that came to my assistance. Even coming off an escalator going downward threw my body into alert at the library… though I did surprise myself with the ease of going upward on the escalator. The tour was remarkably comprehensive and we saw an impressive amount in those 9.5hrs! He’s full of Vancouver history/facts. I highly recommend any tour of his if you’re ever visiting Vancouver.

I made friends with some lovely fellow travelers from Italy, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Scotland etc. I had some great awarenesses thru a few distinct conversations with people  on the tour. In one of those convos, I bonded with a woman who nearly died a year and a half ago; it was glorious to share commonalities that were unique to our recent healing experience. It was yet another growing and learning process on this healing journey.
To have a heart-to-heart connection with perfect strangers is golden. And one of the key reasons I adore travel.

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11 responses to “Vancouver

  1. Hi jSweetie! I just knew this adventure would be great, and it’s just the beginning! Loving the photos, and of course, your commentary..
    Looking forward to your next entry…as always, sending our love..diane and rick


  2. I love seeing your beaming smile in these photos and can feel your joy! Continued Love, Light and Blessings to you on your travels.


  3. Go ahead Gina! I am glad to met you and shared nice time with you in your first international trip in Lynn Canyon (Vancouver). You did such a great job! I can’t believe it, you are so brave! Go, go, go and “mangia, mangia”! eheheh! Take care, ciao.


  4. Gina, I adore Vancouver, have been there a couple of times and also wrote a blog about it. I love all the pics and would like to compare notes about the city and surroundings. 🙂


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