West Canada Tour Aug 23-30

My first Moose Travel Network tour started in Whistler. When we got there we had the day free to choose from a variety of options. 2 of us chose to do a hike that lead to a gondola ride for the decent. It was supposed to be an enjoyable few hours of hiking which would end with the chair lift and gondola ride down. It ended up being the most intense hike I’ve taken since Half Dome! It was mostly downhill which is the hardest for me. The guides and locals I spoke with before we picked a route said it should be fine even though I was specific in explaining to them that downhill was challenging for me. It turned out to be a 4+hr hike that required careful attention and lots of help from my hike mates. They were angles. Early on, Amanda found a piece of plastic PVC piping that worked beautifully as a hiking pole. The route we were following was uneven terrain and covered in scattered rocks and roots. Along the intense downhill, we had to cross 2 patches of melting snow which was nothing compared to the 2 small creeks!! Those creeks had me shaking in my boots! The entire journey pushed me against my comfort level but… I had 2 lovely new friends supporting me, holding my arm and easing me through every step. When we FINALLY reached the chair lift, I was so relieved!

I’ve intentionally eased up on the hiking since. On the next stretch of tour from Vancouver to Banff, I was with a different group. Then from Banff up to Jasper and back down to Banff, I was again with a different set of tourists… and very fortunate to have a tour guide and a group of fellow travelers that were helpful and attentive every time we went for a wander in nature. Hiking hasn’t been difficult since. We were a group of 6 women (2 from Switzerland, 2 from Australia, 2 from USA and the male tour guide :)) and we all got along splendidly, enjoyed each other’s company and bonded. It was a fabulous group and a lovely tour. Plus, we saw a bear, long horn sheep, elk, coyote, goats and more.

I’ve been struggling with swollen tonsils but laying low in Banff and now visiting my friend near Calgary has done wonders. I’m on the mend.

I can’t seem to get the pics in order but I’m posting it regardless.

I know there are a lot of photos but enjoy and please leave a comment if you’d like 🙂