Alberta Visit

I’m visiting my good friend Wendy who I met 18yrs ago (Wow! Really?!!). I went to the University of British Columbia as an exchange student for a term during my undergrad. That was one of my first “time of my life” experiences 😛

She lives in a lovely small community. I’m enjoying my visit. Travel life has really slowed down so I can fully take in the fresh country side surrounded by the amazingly beautiful Canadian Rockies. I met a friend who lives in a quaint and beautiful nearby town and partook in a local house party where I met a fellow brain injury survivor and 2 cancer survivors. As they say, it is a small world.


One response to “Alberta Visit

  1. Gina! I miss you, sweetie…you are doing a great job taking photos. Canmoe looks very beautiful, and those Rockies are so unique and majestic…Take good care…BTW: We’ve got NEWS!!!


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