Delightful turn of events!!!!!!!!

I had a flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada to Toronto.

While sitting in the airport waiting, one flight after another was canceled due to fog and rain. I later found out the weather caused damage to the runway. I had a week long tour starting the next day at 8am which I had to cancel sadly. I’ve postponed it for a week. Fortunately, there is ONE more tour before the season ends!!!!!!!!! I’ve got the time to spare so it is enjoyable to ride the wave and see what unfolds 😛
I’m very grateful to have bought my flight from an airline called West Jet – they covered a hotel room, a $30 food voucher and a taxi ride to/from the airport!!!!!!!!!!!! And this hotel is nice! (Added bonus: a Canadian Basketball team is here – mmmm)
For a budget traveler, this is a dream! I am sitting in a fully paid hotel with a room all to myself! No bunk bed, snoring or inconsiderate dorm mates, no shared bathroom. Being sleep deprived after 2 late nights, I had a luxurious dip in the Jacuzzi followed by a luscious soak in the tub. I put the heater on to my preference, slid into a comfy double bed and slipped into la la land.

I woke to silence this morning and watched the sun rise before meditating.

Check out isn’t until noon, so I’m now utilizing my food voucher at the hotel restaurant enjoying salmon eggs benedict. Yum! I plan to hit the hotel fitness room before my complimentary taxi ride is due.

What a joyful change in plans!

(Photos from my recent tours to come! Soon!)


8 responses to “Delightful turn of events!!!!!!!!

  1. Yay, Gina. So glad to hear that you’re enjoying yourself. May there be many unexpected blessings ahead.



  2. That’s awesome! Looks like a great hotel. Hope you enjoyed your stay up until the very last minute and that you had a better luck with your rescheduled flight.



    • All went well though it was a long day. Luckily found nice local family on way home from their vacation to help me figure out the bus and subway. Only here ten mins and I want to leave already; cities feels odd. I want to get to a small town quick!


  3. Yay Gina!
    I was happy to hear that you had a nice, restful place to stay. The Delta is a nice hotel. I heard from someone today that the “damage” to the runway was a sink-hole!!!!! Must be from all the wet weather we are having.


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