Phenomenal Fire, Cape Breton, Halifax

We made a camp fire one night in Cape Breton. Our cameras did fun things with the stick of fire that Archie and Ryan flung in a circle.
We were viewing the images afterward in the hostel and as Nina was running thru hers, something caught my eye. I asked her to go back… I saw something in the blue fire. It was an image of a man. Ryan searched online and found an image of John Cabot, the founder of North America… the icon of Cape Breton!!!!!!!!!! It certainly is the image is of John Cabot who must have been with us that night on the beach. From the start of the tour, Ryan had spoke of many feeling a certain energy on Cape Breton. That night at the fire, Archie had asked more about the “energy” Ryan speaks of… sure enough, an image of John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) was apparent in Nina’s photo of our camp fire. Amazing! Baffling!


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