The 4 year anniversary of my HALF DOME DANCE – I’m hanging my shingle!!

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The 4 year anniversary of my


You cannot have joy without practicing gratitude. – Brene Brown, PhD

I am so very fortunate to have joy as a natural bi-product of the gratitude that just oozes from me!

Each year for the past 3 years, I’ve felt compelled to reach out to share my progress and to express my indebtedness. This day is an honorary anniversary, a day of gratitude – thus aptly named my Gratitudiversary. In addition to the mountains of appreciation I send out to my rescuers, medical professionals, family, friends and heaps of others who have magically appeared into my life, I am honoring the 4th anniversary of my Half Dome Dance by standing tall in what I have become, by owning the dedicated efforts I have put into my healing, personal growth and awareness.

This year is a big year for me… on June 6, 2013, I am officially hanging my shingle as an Intuitive Life Coach.

The generosity that has come into my life is beyond expression. Four years ago, I began the process of rehabilitating my memory to recall who I was, my legs to walk properly and my brain to search for lost words. Fast forward about 20 months and just as miraculously, I became a Certified Yoga Instructor! A dream come true! Since 2010, I’ve been working meticulously with my Vision Therapy team to improve my double vision. I hold strong to the hope that soon I will no longer need to rely on vision correction as my vision continues to progress. Though my body still has its upsets, I do a combination of yoga and physical therapy 5-7 days a week to keep my physical ailments at bay.

At the end of 2012, I was even more determined to take a leap forward. It came time to reconnect with the dream I had started to make real before my hiking fall – I decided to become certified as a life coach and though I didn’t know how it was going to play out, I began moving in that direction. As I packed up my surroundings to pursue this goal, I went through quite the emotional jolt. It required me to sort through the doctor and hospital notes, physical therapy exercise logs, vision therapy progress notes, cards, journals, books and other paraphernalia I had collected during the past several years of my rehabilitation. The memories, some resurfacing from a tucked away file in my mind, were sharp and tender yet beautiful and surreal. In December 2012, thanks to dear friends who helped to arrange housing for me, I moved back to the Bay Area. Despite the physical challenges and stress I’ve been facing with this life shift, I am full of joy as I step into my potential.

Over the last 3 years, in working with Kaarin Alisa, intuitive extraordinaire, I’ve enhanced my intuition abilities tenfold and now am training to teach her six week online intuition course (a fantastic class to easily tap into your intuition! Let me know if you’re interested! Or visit And in January 2013, I took the 1st course in a year-long, world renowned certification program to enhance my coaching skills, solidify my strengths, and add tools to my tool box. Of the many orchestrated events that have been lining up beyond my belief, the Department of Rehabilitation finally, after I jumped through many hoops, decided in February to fund my life coach training!

Though I won’t be certified until early 2014, the program encourages you to begin internship from the start. Combining this training with my previous skills and professional experience, I am jumping right in… officially hanging my shingle on my Gratitudiversary. I’ve named my new business The Unfolding Self. I’ve yet to come up with a fitting tagline and would love your input! I’ve recently created a Facebook page for my business and would so appreciate it if you would ‘like’ my page (

My heart is front and center as I seek to share with the world the glorious outcome of my Dance with Half Dome. I would like to offer you a free sample Life Coach Session or Intuition Session to see if it’s a fit for you. An ongoing relationship with a Life Coach, which I’ve been so fortunate to have with Kaarin, can help you to quiet those limiting beliefs, to create the change you strive for, to reach for what your heart seeks, and illuminate your potential.

This day is forever branded in my consciousness as the day an interconnected web of seeming individuals inspired a domino effect for a series of miracles that have forever changed me.

In gratitude and light,


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