Love, Medicine & Miracles


In his book “Love, Medicine & Miracles,” Bernie Siegel talks about the relationship between attitude and disease.

He says “… I became aware of the power of the mind in overcoming disease.” He differentiates between what he calls “exceptional patients, or survivors” compared to those that seek the quick, easy way requiring minimal effort on their part.

The following are excerpts from his introduction:

“I personally feel that we do have biological “live” and “die” mechanisms within us. … Peace of mind sends the body a “live” message, while depression, fear and unresolved conflict give it a “die” message.

Exceptional patients manifest the will to live in its most potent form. They take charge of their lives even if they were never able to before, and they work hard to achieve health and peace of mind.

… Everyone can be an exceptional patient, and the best time to start is before getting sick.

The fundamental problem most patients face is an inability to love themselves, having been unloved by others during some crucial part of their lives.

The ability to love oneself, combined with the ability to love life, fully accepting that it won’t last forever, enables one to improve the quality of life.

…miracles don’t come from the cold intellect. They come from finding your authentic self and following what you feel is your own true course in life.

No one lives forever; therefore, death is not the issue. Life is. Death is not a failure. Not choosing to take on the challenge of life is.”

Choice is ALWAYS available to us. What are you choosing??

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