Long overdue chore complete

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Four years ago, while I was in So Cal recovering from major injuries, my family and friends packed up my entire apartment, loaded up my car and a few other cars and drove the contents of my lovely studio to storage (where everything still resides, sadly). I was able to shift myself back up to Nor Cal this past Dec. But I’ve moved 4 times in a 3 month period and I’m about to move again (hopefully for a longer stay this time!). Living very minimally, my sparse belongings fit inside my prized possession from move to move. It looks like I live in it – which I pretty much do. So you can imagine the state of it.

Finally, armed with my landlords’ shop vac, the recovering perfectionist side of me spent a few hours vacuuming, wiping clean, and disposing of clutter. I’m going to get the exterior cleaned ASAP… at a proper car wash. That was quite a bit of work!

But thanks to my life coach, I changed my perspective of this project from a ‘dreaded chore on my to-do list’ to clearing out the old so as to open to what’s to come.

Very gratifying.

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