I’ve caught the “negatives”

Stop hand up

How perfect this song is in describing my current state…

Save Me by Jam

I’ve gotta stop my mind
Working overtime
It’s driving me insane
It will not let me live
Always so negative
It’s become my enemy

Save me ah ah save me ah ah
save me ah wooh
Save me ah ah save me ah ah
save me ah wooh

Why would I think such things
Crazy thoughts have quick wings
Gaining momentum fast
One minute I am fine
The next I’ve lost my mind
To a fake fantasy

And none of these
thoughts are real
So why is it that I feel
So cut up and so bad
I need to take control
Coz my mind is on a roll
And it isn’t listening to me

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the dumbest of them all (I don’t think it’s wise to call oneself “dumb”)
Insecurities keep growing
Wasted energies are flowing
Anger, pain and sadness beckon
Panic sets in in a second
Be aware it’s just your mind
And you can stop it anytime

Ok so here we go
If it works I’ll let you know
One two three I say STOP!

You Tube Video


2 responses to “I’ve caught the “negatives”

  1. Sometimes it’s OK to be in whatever space you are in and just Let it Be. There’s a reason for the whole gamut of emotions we all go through. Maybe you will discover something new about yourself that you were meant to find at this time.


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