My Tree House


My dream is becoming realized. After living in So Cal for 3 ½ years recovering from my hiking fall, I’ve returned to the Bay Area and started Life Coach Certification again. I’m reconnecting with friends, making new friends, teaching yoga… and now I’ve found a place to call home! Returning to the States in 2008 after 2 years in New Zealand/Australia, I lived in a regional park in the Bay Area in a glorious, super large “studio” near a creek in late 2008/early 2009. Then I fell down a mountain and was airlifted to a hospital for a month in mid-2009 never to see my glorious studio again. Since the tail end of 2012, determined to move out of my loving parents’ house after 3 ½ years of rehabbing, I’ve bounced around from guest room to guest room in Nor Cal. I’ve moved a car full of belongings 5 times in the last 7 months.

It all started off with a house-sitting gig for my friend of almost 15yrs, Betsy. After that, another friend and her loving family (husband, 2 teens, a dog and a few cats) opened their guest room where I stayed for a month.  Betsy then connected me with friends of hers that own the barn where I’ve stayed for 5 months paying significantly reduced rent. And, there was a brief move in between. While I enjoyed the company of each household’s inhabitants, it has come time for me to find a place to root myself.

Due to financial considerations, I was seeking a unique situation because the Bay Area is a rather expensive place to live. I had to call upon creativity and resourcefulness to bring my goal to fruition. I’ve done manifestation meditations daily for months. I sent out emails, told everyone I know and posted flyers. Friends networked with colleagues and shared my pursuit via email and Facebook. And lovely Betsy’s community stepped up again – her efforts paying off a third time. Betsy and her husband Bob’s friend, Jan, thought she may be able to rent her guest room for longer term but due to a family emergency, it ended up not working out. I was completely unaware that Jan was working behind the scenes networking with her community. Jan’s friend, Chuck, has an in-law unit beside his house which he has opened up to me. Chuck is a generous and kind man.

On August 3rd, I moved into what I call the Tree House.  It’s perfect for me. I’m still in a mountainous area with greenery all around, looking at tree tops from my windows with peaceful wildlife all around. Serene and beautiful. I don’t need to cross a wooden bridge and climb a flight of stairs to get to the main house to use a kitchen or bathroom. I can shower without worrying about what time of day it is. I can use the kitchen without getting in anyone’s way. I can store my food in my very own fridge and in a spacious cupboard that’s all mine. I don’t need to pack up a whole day’s worth of work (computer, books, notebooks, lunch etc.) to vacate my living space for 5-7hrs due to the stifling heat of the barn. My studio is cool on a warm summer day and if it ever were to heat up … it has air conditioning!! I get to park in the garage and use laundry facilities in Chuck’s house.

Over the years, I’ve lived in hostels, dorm rooms, small apartments, hotel rooms, even tour buses thus I adapt easily and consider myself a respectful and considerate housemate, generally getting along with everyone. Please don’t misunderstand me… I’ve easily and gratefully acclimated to the loving homes that allowed me to restart my life in the Bay Area and I truly enjoyed each experience. I am so deeply grateful to everyone who has opened their space to me. Now living in a fully contained studio at a rental amount that doesn’t make my heart sink or my breath stop is a dream come true.


7 responses to “My Tree House

  1. Hey Gina so happy for you and keep on climbing that steep hill called life after brain injury. I know that you will do fine.
    your friend, Lee


  2. I’m so happy for you, Gina! Your Tree house sounds delightful, peaceful, and most of all, COMPLETELY YOUR SPACE!…Yes!


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