“Life Comes Calling”


Life Comes Calling
by Danna Faulds
Life itself expands me when I let it. I point to my known edge and say, “That’s it. I can’t go past there. That’s my limit!” But of course life comes calling as it always does, not respecting borders, asking me to stretch again, and then still more, until I can’t even recognize who I am. You know how it is – challenge, tragedy, grief or ecstasy; where I am right now just can’t stay static – the pull toward growth and evolution is too strong. When I let go, when I allow life in, I grow before I even notice what is happening.

3 responses to ““Life Comes Calling”

  1. I love this, Gina! 

    Someone has a birthday coming up! What are your plans? I hope something fun and adventurous!!

    Love to you, diane


    • Danna Faulds wrote this poem. She has a few poetry books. One is Go In and In by Danna Faulds but not sure if this poem came from that book or another. Please research it to be sure.


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