Here I Go… AGAIN!

3 Tree House 6 Tree House

Good-bye Tree House…

My Landlord didn’t know it but it was my birthday when he knocked on my door to hand me a 30 day eviction notice 😦 No fault of my own, it’s come time for me to find another home.

So here I go AGAIN, moving this weekend to a room I luckily found through friends of friends (another lovely confirmation of my belief in networking! Thank you Nicola, Chris, Marni and Rich!) Unlike last year’s four moves, this move is much more than a carload since my current abode has a kitchenette and I was under the impression I could stay here for longer so I pulled out frames etc. from my storage unit down South. But the same friends that found me a room to rent have offered some space for me to store my studio stuff.

Unfortunately, the timing is intense. I’m facing the last two weeks of my Certification Course which means – exam time. I was issued my final project today. I move on Sunday. Yikes.

Yet, when I shine my optimism onto all this, I clearly see that I am almost at the finish line. Once the written exam is turned in on April 9th, all that is left is completing my internship hours in order to sit for the Oral Certification exam – most likely this Summer.

Amid the chaos and the heavy work load, it is abundantly obvious that I am not alone in this, that I am loved and cared for by friends, family, colleagues and my metaphysical support team.



4 responses to “Here I Go… AGAIN!

  1. You are unstoppable, Gina! With your inner light and strength, there’s only a positive outcome…plus, you always CHOOSE to see the positive…how can you lose? You ARE creating your happiness…love you… diane


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