Moving boxesI moved last weekend and JUST finished the exam I’ve been dreading. A move and an exam… Whew!!! Funny how I was so worked up and anxious over prepping for it and studying. I was filled with doubt and worry and fear. Intuitively, last week, though I had calculated my plan differently, I felt ‘done’ studying and opened the exam. Once I began, relief flooded over me, “I got this. I can do this.” I turned it in yesterday. Though I don’t feel I aced it, I feel content and confident :P)

Here’s last week’s quotes… excuse the late posting.

”All appears to change when we change.”
– H. Amieh

Last week everything was in disarray and everything felt off. Yes, I was living out of boxes and bags and suitcases and couldn’t find my yoga pants or my face wash. But that’s to be expected. What was weird was that everything looked different and felt different. EVERYTHING! Even the room where I teach yoga 3-4 times a week looked and felt different. Talk about disoriented! When I randomly chose this quote to share in class, it rang so true. All appeared to change… so maybe I’ve changed. Hmmm…

The other quote was:

”The unexamined life isn’t worth living.”
– Socrates




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