My Gratitudiversary!!!

 June 6, 2009 – June 6, 2014

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 Five Years!!??!!

Yet another year has passed and I continue to heal.

It is with heartfelt joy that I will forever honor June 6 as the day a remarkable web of humanity held me.

I hold deep, never-ending gratitude for everyone that has shared this journey with me:

Yosemite Search & Rescue Team, Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapists,  Vision Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Fellow Brain Injury Survivors, Brain Injury Center of Ventura, Life Coaches, Intuitives, Spiritual Teachers, Yoga Instructors, Classmates, Friends, Loved Ones, Family, Acquaintances & even random strangers who have left their mark.

There is SO much to be grateful for!

Gratitude brings us more of what we value. Please join in the celebration with me by acknowledging all that you are grateful for in your life. Feel free to post what you’re grateful for (or any comments) at the very bottom of this page under “Leave a Reply.”

With abundant gratitude and awe,

Gina xx

2014 Joys

* My Life Coach business is growing

* I completed Life Coach Training in April of this year

* I will sit for the Certification Exam 9/11/14 at 9am!

* I am teaching 5 yoga classes a week

* I have a lovely new man in my life

* I began a year-long Leadership Program in April

* I am still very dedicated to ongoing rehabilitation: Physical Therapy, Yoga, Vision Therapy, bi-monthly chiropractic etc.

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11 responses to “My Gratitudiversary!!!

  1. Gina,
    You continue to amaze me. I am so thankful for my health, my 3 littles, my amazing husband and ME! I love you!
    Amy Day


  2. I celebrate you on this day and I believe you were put in my path for a reason. I am the better person for it. Thanks Gina and kudos for your lovely recognition of a day most would not see the value of celebrating.


  3. I am grateful to have recovered from my childhood experiences, to have escaped from six near death experiences, my enjoyment of life, my friends and to have found love again …. and there’s more!


    • Such brave, fearless pursuit of all life has to offer, Irv. You have such a big heart. Your life stories inspire and amaze me. Light and love to you, Gx


  4. Congratulations, Gina! May you continue to find your joy and fulfillment – and help others to do the same! I am grateful for my husband, who is kind, loving, and supportive of my development. I am grateful for my spiritual master, who is loving and who guides me in exquisitely perfect ways. More and more, I am grateful for the little things that bring joy.


  5. Gratitude fills my heart because with each passing moment, I know that I step closer to my highest good, sink deeper into my spiritual self and open my heart a little wider to invite in and send out unconditional love. I am also grateful for you and the growing connection we have fostered. You have been a light and a teacher and I am so thankful that we have connected!


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