Yoga helps the brain!


An article in The Oprah Magazine this month discusses how stress can be a contributing factor in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Below, I’ve pulled a few key quotes from the articles –

“Research indicates that if we make a conscious effort to calm down after a traumatic event with a range of stress reduction techniques – cognitive-behavioral therapy, regular exercise, strong social support, and mindfulness activities like yoga and meditation – we may help prevent further neural damage. …

A  Harvard study found that among a group of adults between ages 25-55, those who meditated and practiced yoga for about three hours per week over the course of eight weeks showed significant increases in gray matter of the left hemisphere, which helps facilitate our ability to store information and recall it later.”

Frazzled Life, Fuzzy Brain? by Laura Hilgers

… “Meditation and deep breathing help slow the cognitive process and open us up to our more intuitive thoughts,” says retired SEAL commander Mark Divine, who developed SEALFIT, a demanding training program for civilians that incorporates yoga mindfulness and breathing techniques.”

Stress Relief, Navy SEAL-Style by Kathryn Wallace

Pg. 63

The Oprah Magazine

July 2014



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