Back Pain designed by Gilad Sotil from the Noun Project

Back Pain designed by Gilad Sotil from the Noun Project

Ouch. I know many of you can relate to this…
My low back went into spasm on Saturday after my family left from their visit. I felt incredible pain and needed help going from standing to sitting or vice versa, getting in and out of bed, the car, putting on shoes. I was wincing with every movement – driving was a nightmare (every bump in the road, every stop, every shift in gears), even taking a deep breath hurt. Thank you to my Sweetie for taking care of me. My neck can get this debilitating but my low back is usually manageable. It hasn’t been this awful since my recovery post hiking fall.

The body is an amazing thing… so wise and willing to express the emotions that we may not be in touch with. Over the time my family visited, I learned of loved ones that are experiencing health concerns and it has been rattling away in my heart and mind. The body holds our emotions and often the emotions are expressed in the form of physical pain. My psoas muscles were pulling on my lower back: the spine is about support and the psoas muscles can draw us into that safe fetal position.

The body follows through with whatever the brain tells it. So be careful what you tell yourself… things such as “I have a bad knee” or “my back always seizes up” are feeding the body negativity which can work against healing. Plus we tend to be angry at our body for attempting to communicate with us. Like a child, if you try to shut it up, it will cry louder until you listen. Sometimes it needs to yell and have a fit before we take it into consideration. Try not to let it get to that level because we all know what it’s like to be around a child that feels unheard and unloved. Listen… that body ouch is trying to communicate something to you. Pay attention. Instead speak positively about your body: “my knee gets sore from overuse” or “my back is needing my attention today so I plan to take it easy.” Your body is with you for life… befriend it.

I devotedly follow Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body book where she lists ailments and their associated affirmations that can unlock a pattern of thinking. This book was gifted to me in the late 90’s and I’ve been utilizing its wisdom almost daily. It’s a small book worth a read! I highly recommend it ( After my hiking fall, I had injuries from head to toe and used affirmations every day to aid in my healing.

Using affirmations gets the brain to let go of a disempowering belief and replace it with an empowering belief. Once the brain believes the affirmation as truth, the body and your life will support that truth.

You don’t have to believe what you are saying at first. Just put the affirmations up on notes EVERYWHERE (car dash, wallet, toothbrush cabinet, bedroom mirror etc) and say them aloud or to yourself as many times during the day as you remember to and eventually your brain will believe it as truth. Once your brain believes it as truth, the body responds as such (less/no pain etc) and the Universe aligns for it to be truth.

This morning I got out of bed on my own and without intense pain. My back is sore but on the mend.

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