Contemplating Death

moon with clouds

My Sweetie’s colleague was mauled over by a car while crossing the street this past weekend. I feel for her relatives, her friends, her colleagues, all the people in her life. When death strikes closely, it spins me off into a deep wondering. One minute you’re fussing about a relationship concern, a family challenge, a birthday party you’re planning for a friend, the never-ending to-do list. The next minute, you’re gone. You’re day starts and as you’re brushing your teeth, you get excited about the event you’re attending in a few hours. You’re grateful you have the day off or that your friends invited you to join them or that you get to support a great cause. You’ve left the bed unmade, dishes in the sink, a work project unfinished and now you’re gone, never to come back to those things again. Maybe you had just decided that life is amazing and you’re going the direction that feels just right to you. Maybe you decided to treat yourself to a coffee this morning. Maybe you had an argument with your mother and are anticipating resolving it on your next talk in 2 days. One minute you’re there living your life. The next minute you’re not. My mind just can’t seem to wrap around it all. It’s mystifying, bewildering. It spins me off to contemplating “What’s this life all about??!!??”

My heart goes out to all of us who have lost loved ones, friends, colleagues. May you find peace.


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