A new me awaits!


June 6, 2015… My Gratitudiversary is here!

Wow, 6 years has passed since I fell down the side of that iconic mountain. Many beautiful people and amazing experiences have come forth from that dramatic event. Filled with gratitude, I’ve marked every year with thank you cards to my rescuers, doctors, physical therapists, vision therapists, specialists, family, friends and all who have been a support team through the years.

Now, my life is telling me, again, change is in the air. It took some rigorous conversation with my key guidance crew, Kaarin Alisa and Kate Bokoles, to recognize that my life is telling me that it’s time to reorient who I am. I’ve been working toward a NEW me ever since my Half Dome Dance. Yet I’ve continued to orient myself by looking back to June 6th, 2009 as my reference point. A new reference point is needed. I have no idea what that new reference point will be… I’m creating it within myself as each moment passes. An unknown or yet-to-be-conscious element of me is eagerly awaiting to be birthed. I’m frightened of this unknown place. AND exploring the unknown – the new – has always intrigued me. So here I am, afraid while holding anticipation for the next phase.

From this place of releasing, I’ve decided this will be the last year that I send out Gratitude cards to those I cherish. Rescuers and doctors are harder to track each year – they’ve changed professions or moved onto new roles or left to a new facility. It’s time for me, too. I will always hold those miraculous moments, those cherished contributors who have helped to redefine this Gina in body, in mind and in spirit. I will NEVER forget. My heart will forever be full with their selfless acts, their bravery, their charm and their wisdom and talented skill. Every year, I will continue to honor June 6th gratefully and with deep respect. My annual Gratitudiversary will live on in a new way as I leave what has been and open to what is here now and all there is to come.

This journey has provided me with resounding courage to deal with day-to-day life. With the monumental events in my life -a seven-year relationship ending, my brother dying, and miraculously surviving a fall down the side of a mountain- I’ve grown to see how vital and rich the present moment is. I’ve felt the raw emotion of what’s REAL. I’ve cherished the certainty of feeling – utterly, painfully, joyfully FEELING all that is there to be felt in that particular vibrant breath.

In honor of this transition, I am planning a personal ritual. Rituals are actions we take to release what is needed, making room for new awarenesses. I will use this Gratitudiversary as a releasing of the old in order to invite in the new. I don’t know what the new is and I jitter with even the idea of releasing the comfort of this familiar cocoon… yet the time is here and my intuition is clear… embrace the fear of it while being with the potential that resides in that same instant …


~Click on the image to see it in full and read the caption~

  (P.S. I’m posting this early since I will be cell phone and WiFi free for 2 days while away at a remote, wilderness location for the weekend celebrating my Gratitudiversary in a unique way.)


2 responses to “A new me awaits!

  1. Great post; very powerful. I like what you said about needing a new reference point. Not doing away with anything, really, because everything up until now will always be a huge part of who you are, but just reorienting toward the future. Best wishes to the new you! 🙂


  2. Magnificent post, Gina! I applaud your courage and your ability to embrace the new. May you always live in the joy of the moment and make the most of your dance with all of life.


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