I’m sharing my story at an Optometry Conference!

Some of my Vision Therapy

Some of the tools I use to do Vision Therapy –    20 minutes 4-6 days per week

I want to share my joy!

I have been invited to speak at an Optometry Conference for Western Region Optometry Students!

When I went in for Vision Therapy for my double vision last week, I was evaluated by a couple students I’d never met before. One of them has been planning a large conference for Optometry students in the Western area. When she learned of me and my experience, she said she wishes she’d met me before so that I could speak at this conference to share my brain trauma and double vision experience but she’d already found a guest speaker.

A few days later, she emailed me saying she really wanted ME to share my story so she worked hard to create a 30 minute slot and invited me to speak! BUT THEN she emailed me the next day saying she did some rearranging of the conference schedule to give me AN HOUR slot to share my story!!!!  saying “… the students are very excited to hear you speak at the conference, and my colleague and I feel lucky to have you as a guest speaker!”

They rearranged things to include me! Of their own accord! I didn’t even ask to be a speaker!
I’m flabbergasted!! and thrilled!

I was delighted to be introduced to Vision Therapy by Dr James Mayer, Greg Schlobohm and Kenny Bringelson (http://www.agape1.com/) and Dr Mayer’s generous scholarship. My improvement was so great that I continued therapy when I shifted to Nor Cal and I was gifted several sessions of Vision Therapy by an anonymous donor at the University of California at Berkeley.
It will be a joy to share with Optometry students my story of recovery and my vision therapy journey.

It’ll be presenting to approximately 150-160 people at the conference Sept 26th at 3:45pm. I plan to record it for those interested in seeing it.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

http://wrc2015.org/ (my name, bio and picture are shown on the agenda!!!)

In joy,



10 responses to “I’m sharing my story at an Optometry Conference!

  1. body{font-family: Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:9pt;background-color: #ffffff;color: black;}Of course they want you !


  2. So very cool, Gina. My niece is an optometry student here in Australia and I know she would enjoy hearing your story. Good luck and have fun. No doubt you are set to inspire yet another group of people! 🙂


  3. Great stuff, Gina! So pleased to read this exciting news. I was on a CRR ORSC (team coaching) course this weekend in London. To kick off, one of the tutors read us a short traditional Taoist story which contains the teaching “Who knows what is good and what is bad?” I was really reminded of this when I was reading your blog… Look how things have turned around for you! Good luck and sparkle next weekend, Gina!


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