Another layer of fear – GONE!

I did it!! No panic attack!
Another layer of fear GONE!
LAST YEAR, after an intense ropes course climbing up a web of rope, I later, the same day, climbed up a 40 ft telephone poll, balanced on top and belayed off. Once my feet touched the earth again, my body experienced PTSD. I couldn’t breathe and my body heaved. My mind had no control… my body again thought it was going to die.

My body remembers falling down Half Dome even though I have no recollection of it. Check out that experience on this blog: Releasing Fear Blog from May 2014

This past weekend, I taught 3 classes at a Women’s Yoga Retreat: Yoga & Hiking, a Guided Visualization, and an experiential workshop. I then had the opportunity on Saturday to go zip lining, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I climbed up a telephone pole, walked across a wire and then zip lined down. Whoohooo! Though my body was frightened while I crossed that unstable wire from one pole to another 40 ft above the ground, I zip lined down, touched the earth and was blissfully content that I’d overcome another layer of my body’s fear.

I also found this sweet guy absorbing the early morning sun just outside our cabin.

2015-10-10 07.06.30


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