My Talk at the Western Region Optometry Conference

20150926_163802 (3)

Here’s the video of the talk I gave September 26th at an Optometry Conference for Western Region Optometry Students held at UC Berkeley Optometry.

The video can be seen on You Tube at Half Dome Story & Vision Therapy Talk

It’s an hour-long talk. The Vision Therapy info is at the tail end, starting at approx. minute 42ish.

Let me know what you think! :P)

Thank you sooooo very much to the beloved Arlyn Anderson for your editing skills!


3 responses to “My Talk at the Western Region Optometry Conference

  1. Darling Gina
    Your bravery in surviving, sharing and thriving through your experience is incredible. I had been meaning to take the time to sit down and watch this properly since you posted it and finally I found a quiet hour to commit to it. I knew the basics of your story already but to hear it from you in full detail is very moving. I wholeheartedly send you all my love and admiration for your survival skills and strength of spirit. Your story helps to remind me that in some of us the human spirit is so strong, there is nothing that we cannot overcome.
    All my love and admiration to you from Sydney. I still remember fondly our brief adventures together in Australia in 2008 🙂
    Kate Xx (used to be Langley, now Vaughan)


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