Here’s the Weather Channel TV Interview!!!!

Here is the clip of the episode on the Weather Channel. Unfortunately, the editors cut out where I said that I had 3 compression fractures of my spine and a fractured skull. They also cut out my praises for my 3 friends that were there that day and did so much to help me. And they skipped the part about the pole being uprooted from the rock so the cable was floppy and the 2×4 was off kilter. But otherwise, the show depicts the intensity of this experience quite well.

I’d love the opportunity to share my story in more locations so please let me know if you have any ideas or can connect me with any venues.

Thank you to the Weather Channel and the lovely producer Joya Weinroth. Joya, your expertise and care were exceptional.
And to Shannon Allard and Jackie Robbins for their kindness and efforts in getting me the clip.
Thank you to each of you that have been there by my side thru my healing and to all those that have played a role in this journey. I’m forever in gratitude and awe.

Here’s the link if you want to get to it directly via You Tube:

Weather Channel Interview


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