Day of Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

In the United States we celebrating Thanksgiving today. This is a day of giving thanks. I encourage you to step away from the creation of your festivities and food planning and quietly spend a few moments to acknowledge all that it has taken this country to get to where it is now. Send a breath of heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed and/or sacrificed to make your country what it is right now.
Whether you attribute it to a particular dogma or to an unknown force or mystery, feel gratitude for the nature that surrounds us, for incoming funds, for communication, for health and all it takes to keep these moving along.
And how often do we fail to recognize the efforts, contribution, work that’s put in to making our day-to-day lives run? It’s so easy for us to speak up and offer a complaint at a store, restaurant or professional establishment which can be useful for inspiring positive change. Yet those places also need to hear our gratitude as well.
Saying thank you makes an impact.
How often do we take the time to say thank you for something that’s easy to take for granted?
Send your appreciation to those that clean for you (car, office, home, gym, restaurant and so forth) and those that serve behind the scenes (the cooks and staff that get that food on your plate, the postal carriers and staff that get your mail to your door, the customer service reps and staff that tend to your purchase and so forth) and all the seen and unseen people who make up your day-to-day experience.
And of course, bring your attention to all those you are grateful for in your personal circle of the world: friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances.
BE GRATEFUL. Swimming in a pool of energetic gratitude positively affects those you interact with while simultaneously bringing into your world more of what you’re grateful for. Notice how the energy around you changes as you set the tone of appreciation.
Bring gratitude to your day of Giving Thanks. Bring gratitude to your every day. Share it with your world.

I have so many experiences, things and people to be thankful for. My utmost thanks to each of you for being you.


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