Happy New Year 2016

I’m plugging in last year’s wishes because the creative optimism just isn’t flowing yet. I’m ready for a new year and I’m insisting that 2016 involve no more lemons or the need to create lemonade.

Here’s a previous blog from 2015’s wishes:

In looking toward a New Year, I would like to share my New Year’s ritual to see if it calls to you.

For me it’s important to acknowledge the year’s end and set an intention for what’s to come.

Each year on or around Dec 31st, I take some time to review the previous year. I note all that has transpired – the people that have come into my life for a brief time or shared the path with me, all my new learnings and growth, and the movement forward I’ve made, how different my life is now. I take out pen and paper (a rarity these days) and write down all I am grateful for from the previous year. I then write what it is I am dreaming up for the year ahead. In addition to logging the things that are anticipated, I spend time dreaming beyond what is expected or logical. Who and how do I want to be? What am I open to and what would I like to manifest in the year to come? At midnight, or near that time, I burn what I’ve written, sending my gratitude and intention out to the universe.

The truth is that the increase in the chronological year occurs at a different time across the world and is truly a human-designed construct (and thus can be done when it FEELS right no matter what the calendar or clock says), yet this is a beautiful way to give significance to that new calendar and (hopefully) the day off from your usual routine. It can be used as a way of honoring ourselves and marking our progression on this journey.

This started several years ago when I was camping with some friends at Joshua Tree National Forest. Since then, I’ve adapted it as needed, maybe writing it, tearing the paper up and placing it in the recycling bin instead of burning it or burning it over a sink in the kitchen or in the BBQ after the steak comes off :P) This ritual is important to me even if I don’t carry it out in full. The point is to close a chapter, release the old and open to the new.

I am sending you my best for a joyful, happy New Year.

May your year be full of laughter, love, success and dreams come true. Dream Big!!!!

Wishing you continued insight and forward movement,

Gina xx


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