Old Journal Entry


I just read something I wrote on NYE of 2014 –
“In 2015, I intend to give my True Self validation. I intend to be me.”
Well, I’ve been feeling so distraught with so much angst, upheaval, anger and sadness etc recently that reading this sentence makes me actually feel GOOD! (big improvement, considering)
I did validate my True Self and I have been allowing more room for my authentic self by:
~ taking Kaarin Alisa‘s Power of Loving Yourself Course which helped me to trust myself and love who I am even more than I had (The Power of Loving Yourself Course)
~ honoring my needs and dreams which required me to make some really tough choices
~ teaching a weekly Guided Visualization which has gained popularity and really helps people
~ allowing myself to FEEL and rest in whatever it is I’m feeling
~ practicing feeling whatever it is I’m feeling even when others want me to be happy or hopeful
~ continuing to acknowledge that I am different than all of you and everyone on this planet and that is a beautiful thing
… and probably more that I can’t recall right now.
Yay Me!

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