Drought in a Rain Forest

2016-02-02 12.49.20

I was warned of cold weather and lots of rain. I was imagining myself holed up in a small studio with torrential rain keeping me isolated in doors. A perfect writing retreat. But it’s been warm and sunny! I love the sun. I’ve been taking advantage of this weather by exploring the area and the National Park as I posted recently.

But here’s the deal: Each house in this area catches their own rain water for use. That means that when the toilet is flushed or the sink or shower is used, water is sourced from the ‘catchment’ of rain water that’s in the yard. This entire remote village is in drought due to lack of rain for more than 20 days. My friend’s studio has a small 500 gallon catchment just for her space. Once the water in that catchment is gone, there’s no water. Ordering a delivery via a truck from the nearest water supply station is the only option. Apparently, my catchment is just below a ¼ full so I’m being very conservative. The weather predictions are pretty unreliable here but they generally get sun in January and expect rain every other month.

This past weekend, I took my friend’s car through the drive-thru car wash. Of course, that evening, the skies spit out a little rain. My client joked that that’s called the white man’s rain dance. 😉 Not nearly enough rain to quiet the excessive conserving… I never imagined myself wishing for rain.


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