Longs Drugs Store Exists!!!

Wow! Longs Drugs Store!!! Memories!!!!

I worked at Longs Drugs for 9 years of my life starting as a check-out clerk and then moving to the photo department, the cosmetic department and to the pharmacy. I started working for Longs when I was 17. It was within walking distance to my house and I really wanted to buy a car. Then I transferred to the Longs in Santa Cruz when I went to UC Santa Cruz my Junior year.

Some memories that come up at the moment –

  • I bought my first car thanks to working as a check-out clerk at Longs Drugs!! and the first day I drove that ugly Ford Mustang from sometime in the 80s to high school all excited, the transmission blew!
  • I remember working just after one of the earthquakes in the 90s and, without electricity, we were selling jugs of water and canned foods using a calculator and pen to ring up orders.
  • I bought my first and only camping tent at the Santa Cruz store probably in 1996 and it’s still in working order… I used it for my trip to Yosemite before my hiking fall in 2009!!!

Although it’s first store was opened in Oakland, California in 1938, apparently Hawaii has a strong attachment to Longs. When CVS bought Longs out in 2008, all the islands of Hawaii didn’t change the name of the drug store. Widipedia says “CVS will retain the Longs Drugs name in the Hawaii stores “because of its high name recognition…”” per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longs_Drugs.

I wish California kept the name! I was so sad to see it change to CVS. Longs Drugs is iconic!!


2016-01-27 22.35.09


2 responses to “Longs Drugs Store Exists!!!

  1. Love those memories, Gina! I miss Long’s too! The other store I missed for soo long was the store that was “SpeedyMart” before 7/11 stores bought it out. I grew up with SpeedyMart…I was so angry and disappointed when that happened. I can’t believe you still have a good tent bought from Longs’!!!!


    • You understand! Yay SpeedyMart Long’s!! Very disappointed but what a joy to see Long’s in Hawaii! Maybe somewhere in the world is a SpeedyMart, too. I love that people related so much to Long’s they couldn’t change the name.


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