Valentine’s Day Thoughts

Fellow Travelers

I’m in Hawai’i in the middle of a volcanic rain forest down the street from a National Park. I go to the National Park almost daily and being around the many accents and languages and the eager curiosity of those on vacation merely reminds me of my love of travel.

And for the sole intention of being around travelers, I went to the cute lodge just down the way to write this blog. I love hanging around tourists. They are generally in a good mood and their eager curiosity is infectious.

My Day

I went to a $5 Power Yoga class this morning in the village. I really like this class. It’s a perfect mix of challenge, body awareness and stretching/strengthening. Taking a class is so different than giving a class. Though I do miss giving classes, I promised myself to take more yoga classes when I get back.

I ended up at the National Park going for a walk to the steam vents and along the crater rim trail. It was sunny weather of about 71 degrees with a light breeze in the air. PERFECT! Both the moon and the sun were out among billowy white clouds in a bright blue sky. I love that.


My head was reeling with the beauty of the day and thoughts of being lonely, wishing I had a friend with me or, maybe better for today, a significant other.

I said hi to strangers along the path and felt the difference between reluctant responses and joyful hellos. I  still don’t take the reluctant responses well and cherish the joyful hellos. The joyful hellos are cherished all the more when I’m hiking alone.

Flood of Thoughts

I asked myself “Why feel lonely when you’re doing what you enjoy? Why not focus on the beauty of the day, the gorgeous sunny sky, the perfect cool breeze, the lovely uniqueness of this trail, the accents of travelers that lift your spirits?”

I did my best to shift gears. Thoughts bounced around from wishing a dear friend was with me to missing someone who used to be in my life to adoring the fact that I can walk despite all my body went through. It was a good walk and I loved being outside. That was all the more apparent when I got back to the studio for lunch and felt sullen again. So I decided to come to the lodge and sit in their gazebo to write.

Holiday Hype

It’s Valentine’s Day on the other side of the globe and soon to be here. This day is hyped up to acknowledge romantic love – another commercialized holiday that can get some hearts all tied up in knots. It’s just another day. I miss someone in particular and companionship in general most every day. Why does it need to be heightened because of a date on the calendar?

Single Sunday

I’m calling it Single Sunday. Which makes this Sunday no different than any other Sunday but it gives me a bit of a lift. Besides there should be a day to celebrate being single anyway (other than bachelor/bachelorette parties which don’t really count as a day of being single in my opinion.)

Missing companionship is merely highlighting my desire to share travel experiences with loved ones. Missing romantic love merely denotes my desire to share my life with someone. It merely offers more clarity for what I seek. It doesn’t need to get my heart all tied up in knots. So I choose to celebrate Single Sunday.



4 responses to “Valentine’s Day Thoughts

  1. Happy Single Sunday, Gina…I too, am celebrating the same: Rick is in India for 19 days..he left on Friday…so being alone is both good and not so good…reminds me that even though we are very different and come and go, separately often, there is still Rick’s presence and ultimately, at the end of the day, a comfort to lie next to.The kids are busy with their day…and I am enjoying a nice, sunny Sunday. Watched Sunday morning, went on our backyard hillside to pick weeds and trim some bushes, and now going to the gym…been sick for a week and just now feeling like I can move!! I commend you for facing your feelings, experiencing them, and then turning them into a positive…looking forward, always….yay for you!!!!! I am so enjoying your blog..not sure if my comments make it onto your website..I don’t see them ever…not important, only that you get my message somewhere! Love to you…I so value you….big, warm hugs, diane

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    • Thank you, Diane! I wish I was there to enjoy this beautiful sunny day with you! I’m glad you’re celebrating your free day in ways that bring you joy. Thank you for bring your loving, supportive self. I love you heaps! Gxx


  2. Hi, Gina. I am also celebrating Happy Single Sunday I plan on doing some gardening and maybe treat myself to a massage. I love your positive attitude. I’m really looking forward to attending your yoga classes when you get back.

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