Road Trip Around the Big Island



Beyond the isolated, rural rain forest-
A new friend, Deb, offered to take me on a road trip around the island and I jumped at the chance.

Highlights (not in order):

*We went to the southernmost point of the USA at the very south-most-tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.

*We went snorkeling. I don’t know how to swim and the ocean’s waves intimidate me but I gained confidence by snorkeling near the rocks close to shore. In time and with practice, I REALLY want to scuba dive again (I trained and was certified in Cairns, Australia). As long as I can breathe under water and the water is calm, I’m fine!

*We had lunch at the Kona Brewing Company. Kona is all about the coffee but not being a coffee lover, my love for beer called me to the brewery. The beer was great! But the environment was a bit too L.A. for me 😉

*Saw beautiful rolling grasslands on the West coast that you’d expect to see in Scotland, not Hawai’i.

*We spotted a pod of whales on the West Coast frolicking in the sea, spouting and tails splashing up. Sensational!

*We enjoyed a scoop of (lemongrass and lime) ice cream in Hawi at the northernmost-tip of the island.

*There were amazing sun rays falling from the gorgeous clouds in the sky at sun set.


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