Other End of the Spectrum

I’ve been listening to famous authors in the Hay House Writer’s Workshop I’m in. One of the speakers was calling attention to the fact that many of us are in full time jobs, in relationships and have kids and mortgages and obligations with very little alone time or time for self-care. I’m on the other end of the spectrum – lots of alone time and the making of self-care time is essential to manage my body and mind challenges, no life partner, no kids, no house, no mortgage, no 40-60 hour work week.

The fact that I’m on the other end of the spectrum became more obvious to me when I left my typical life for 42 days to pet-sit in a remote rain forest. Most can’t step away for a day, let alone for 42. In this, I feel very fortunate. And yet I want the stability of a home of my own, a family of my own, a life-partner to walk the journey with, a profession I love that brings financial stability, a community to share laughs and meals and experiences with.

It’s partly that I’ve chosen an atypical life and partly that my life was turned upside down almost seven years ago. Since my Thailand, Australia, New Zealand travels, I’ve said that I don’t want the usual lifestyle – 1-2 week vacation, the minivan in the driveway, kids’ birthday parties on Fridays, and soccer practices on Saturdays. Please don’t misunderstand or take offense. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that lifestyle and there are pieces of it I desire, maybe in a different layout. It’s the freedom to live richly and fully that entices me – it’s a balance between home comforts with the joys of travel and experiencing new things with my kid(s).

As I unpacked and sorted life post-6-week-hiatus, I had the movie “Must Love Dogs” playing in the background. One of the characters said “You want more out of your life! Well, get in line, Kid.”

I want more out of my life and I’m in line. Is there really a line? I don’t believe so. I think it’s a matter of moving toward the more that you want. My heart keeps calling for it, I’m laying the groundwork and doing the internal preparations yet my circumstances aren’t giving any proof that I’m heading there.

And despite that, I am determined. I want more and I’m going to put in whatever energy is needed to get me there.

Something to reflect on:

  • What do you want more of in your life?
  • What action could you take today that will bring that possibility into reality?
  • Ask a friend to be your accountability buddy to help you commit to that action.

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