A thought-provoking writing assignment…


Several weeks ago, I was given a writing prompt –

If I were an animal, what animal would I be?

I got myself into a meditative state and this is what I wrote:

  • I see the vision of an Owl. I have a spirit guide that is an owl. I call him Ollie.

    But that doesn’t fit because I’m not great at seeing the big perspective and I’m not great at seeing in the dark, physically or metaphorically.

  • Now I see a Deer. A Deer is graceful and serene. That doesn’t fit me either.

  • I see a Turtle. Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved turtles but I’m too fast moving and impatient.

Maybe these represent what needs to come forth in me.

Owl – to be able to see the bigger picture and see into the darkness.

Deer – to meander carefully and graciously with poise.

Turtle – to move slowly and be present in the now.

At the moment, I identify with a butterfly… eager and working hard to get free of the encasement that no longer serves me.


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