Chicago First Days


I am delighted to be the recipient of a scholarship to the online Hay House Writer’s Workshop given to me by the company’s generous President, Reid Tracy. When I started the program in March, I reached out to other participants to see if anyone wanted to be accountability partners to work through the 40+hr online self-study course. Through that, I’ve gratefully connected with a fellow participant, Kim, and have made a new friend. We meet weekly on the phone to discuss our learning and our writing process.

I was hesitant to share with people that I’d received the scholarship because ever since my hiking fall, a lot of things have come flowing my way and I was concerned that others would judge me as needy or a freeloader. But in sharing it with Kim, she said, “Most people give up when they’re in a hard time financially. Most people stop when it doesn’t look like there’s a way to move forward and life gets hard. You are a great example of manifestation! You’re following your dream. Look what life can bring you if you’re open to it!”

As part of the Writer’s Workshop online program, we’re able to attend one in-person weekend workshop for $50. Kim and I met here for the first time in person a few days ago and have found many similarities in who we are. So much so that we’re even completing each others sentences and looking at each other wide-eyed when we share a thought out loud and find the other was just having that same thought. Simpatico! It’s so fun to explore this beautiful city with a soul-sister.

The workshop was amazing and offered great additions to our online course. I was very excited to get to thank the exceptionally kind and generous Reid Tracy. I also met Nancy Levin, Certified Integrative Coach and author of Jump and Your Life Will Appear. In speaking with Nancy for a few moments yesterday about her teaching memoir, she gave me some insightful tips about the memoir that I am in the process of birthing.

What a rich week I’ve had getting to know my new friend Kim, exploring the lovely city of Chicago and learning more about the process of publishing and marketing a book.


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