What I Know for Sure


After I posted the blog “Knowing with a Capital K”, I’ve been deeply pondering my desire to Know. I’ve been comparing myself to others’ sureness and certainty. I’ve been investigating and curiously looking to see what it is that’s missing or what it is that I need to heighten in order to find my Knowing.
In talking to a fellow Life Coach as well as with a friend, I realized that there is a lot that I know with a capital K. Moment by moment, I Know what I want. And in my life’s vision, I Know what I want. And in certain company, when I’m comfortable, I do know with a capital K and I can find it easy to announce what I Know.
What I’ve come to realize is that it’s more that I turn my knowing on and off. I discount my knowing in the company of certain others for fear of being ‘wrong’ or because their sureness and Knowing is so certain.
I’m eager to stop that. I’m eager to know what I know and feel comfortable enough to announce what I know when the circumstances allow.
I’m a big fan of Oprah Winfrey. I’ve been a recipient of the O Magazine literally since the very first published copy. She ends each magazine with an article she writes called “What I Know for Sure.” That got me thinking… What do I know for sure?
So here is the beginning of a list I’m compiling…
What do I know for sure?
  • I know that gratitude is a delightful perspective that grows from attentive practice.
  • I know that gratitude shifts the brain to focus on what’s going well in your life.
  • I know that gratitude brings more of what you’re grateful for.
  • I know that self-love is key.
  • I know that friendship and family are comforts I can’t live without.
  • I know that when the shit hits the fan, I have people in my life that I can count on.
  • I know that silence brings me a sense of peace and deep satisfaction.
  • I know that Vision Therapy works for my double vision.
  • I know that my car is my safe haven. I can’t live without a car with the lifestyle I’m familiar with. I don’t doubt I could live without a car if the circumstances were right but as for now, my car is the closest thing I have to a home… and even though I don’t live in my car, it’s my comfort, my safety, my steadfast companion.
  • I know that my home – whether it be my rented room, my apartment, my car, a tent while camping or a dorm bed when traveling – is sacred space to me.
  • I know that nourishment for me comes in the form of a giving/receiving a hug, lying in bed in soft sheets, melting in front of mindless television or a feel-good movie, savoring my favorite meal and/or my favorite desert, enjoying a quality massage, sharing from my heart, listening to another share from the heart and witnessing the beauty of our connection as a human family.
  • I know that most everyone loves to be seen and acknowledged.
  • I know that LOVE is the flow of life on this earth and LOVE, in some form or other, is the answer to all of life’s challenges.
I certainly feel a bit exposed in sharing these new awarenesses with a virtual audience but posting my initial list of What I Know for Sure has left me with a new confidence. Transparency and sharing from my heart are who I am and I relish in that. What I Know for Sure is that my goal is to feel empowered delight when I share who I am with the world and this path I’ve embarked on is leading me to that goal.
Something to consider:
What do you know for sure? Where is it that you dim the light of your true self? As you witness me having this experience, what does it bring up in you?

2 responses to “What I Know for Sure

  1. Hi Gina. I have been thinking about your last couple of posts – great pics of Chicago, by the way! – and I think WHAT you Know is not as important as that you TRUST it for yourself. (Not for anyone else – those people who seem so sure of themselves trip off alarms in me, because they often think they know for everybody else, and are not open to new information.)

    I came out of a Fundamentalist background where I was sure I knew everything for everyone. When life taught me otherwise, it was a very very crucial lesson. So what I KNOW best of all is that I, a person in a body with only five or six senses, cannot for sure KNOW anything about what lies beyond my daily life. It is important to me to be okay with the Mystery, it is important that what I believe today is not the last word. Later I will Know better, and I will believe differently. I, too, get confused when I am surrounded by a lot of strong points of view, but I do not have to compete with anybody, or agree with anybody. I do not have to accept anybody’s beliefs. I did that once, and it was a mess. No more. I Know that I don’t Know. It is the most important thing I ever learned. All I can do is be true to my own experience.


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