In loving memory of my brother, Anthony

11 years ago today, on June 7th, 2005 my brother, Anthony, left this world.

His loss was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced. I cannot fathom the pain my parents have gone through in losing their child.

And then 4 years later on June 6th, 2009, it was me that was in the Intensive Care Unit, as a Jane Doe for 12 hours after nearly falling to my death. The confusion was cleared after my friends called from the campground the next morning to check my status. Thus my parents weren’t called until June 7th, the 4 year anniversary of Anthony’s death. My heart weeps at the thought of how that shook them.

Lying in the hospital bed in a semi-conscious state, despite my traumatized brain, broken jaw and wearing a c collar around my neck, I’m told that I spoke of Anthony. I was somehow able to share that he was there with me on that mountain telling me that he would be with me whether I decide to go or I decide to stay. And, apparently, in the hospital, I pointed to an empty space beside my bed as if I were shocked that no one else could see him standing there.

Today, as an intuitive, I’m able to communicate with deceased loved ones. In offering intuitive readings to my beloved family, I’ve been honored to pass on messages from him. Every once in a great while, I can feel his head resting on my shoulder.

Today, I honor my parents for their love and commitment to their children. And to my parents, and my brothers, Paul and John, I send love as we share in the joys of Anthony’s presence and the sorrow of his loss.


2 responses to “In loving memory of my brother, Anthony

  1. Gosh Gina how unfortunate for your folks that news of your accident should fall on that same date! I’m sure they treasure you and Paul and John all the more for your experiences. How lovely to feel Anthony’s presence now and again :O)


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