I’m Ready … It’s Time


I’m Ready… It’s Time

If your time is limited, please skip to the 2nd to last paragraph in purple print that starts with “So here I am seeking…”)

Travel has made up much of the last 20 years of my life. And since 2003, ‘nomad’ has practically been my middle name, except for the period of time that I was healing from my fall down Half Dome.

I first caught the travel bug on a trip to Hawaii to visit my friend’s grandparents after graduating high school. Ever since then, it doesn’t feel right if I’m not traveling several times in a year. I absolutely need travel to be an integral part of life regardless of whether that travel is by bus, train, boat or airplane, local or far, national or international. I choose to be frugal elsewhere in life in order to spend my money on travel … I’m excellent at traveling on a budget.

With travel, there is newness, adventure, meeting people from all over the world, seeing, doing, experiencing and enjoying being. I’ve met some of my greatest friends through travel. For example, I met my treasured English friend Nicki while in the Australian Outback, my beloved Canadian friend Wendy while studying abroad at the University of British Columbia and cherished friends Mel from Germany, Ants from New Zealand, Cam, Rachel, Katy, Conor, Amit and Naomi from the UK, just to mention a few! And it’s these kinds of organic meetings that bring wonder to this world, endlessly feeding my soul.

Now, after my Dance with Half Dome, my desire to travel has been mitigated by my body’s needs which have become a high priority. My collection of must-haves while traveling has grown tenfold (just to name a few: my tailbone cushion and low back support cushion for sitting, a special pillow for my neck and between my knees for sleeping, a container of Biofreeze for aches, my pain reducing supplements and a tens-unit to calm my spine when it goes into spasm). Travel remains vibrantly essential but because of these additional needs, I’m requiring a home base to provide grounding, a place to land between adventures.

I’ve become so familiar with my nomad side, I feel quite stunned to find myself desperately seeking stability. Yet my body craves it. My mind fantasizes about it. My spirit calls for it. I need a place to call home. And this goes hand-in-hand with my desire to now find a life partner. Ever since my heart shattered into a million pieces following the end of a 7 year relationship in 2000, I’ve guarded my heart, wrapped it up safely in a cocoon of comfort, never to feel the pain of love again. And consequently, I’ve spent lots of my adult life single. That relationship ending was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. Nothing will compare to the ending of that 7 year romance. Sure, since 2000, I have dated and even had committed, near-love relationships. But as soon as I felt any love feelings coming toward me or bubbling within me, my heart shrank back and the relationship was brought to a halt.

Finally, a few years after my hiking fall, something shifted in me. I began to see how guarded my heart was and started some much-needed healing work. Then in 2013, someone organically showed up in my world. I opened my heart and allowed myself to fall in love again for the first time in 13 years. Sadly, after a 2 year relationship, we learned that our future visions didn’t match and thus called an end to our relationship. All break ups can be heart-wrenching and this one was no fun. It’s now been over 8 months since the relationship of 2013 ended and I’m finally starting to feel the possibility of relationship again.

So here I am seeking a place to call home and a committed partner to share my life with. Regarding both of these topics, I trust that there is someone out there looking for someone just like me.

Before my hiking fall, I was Miss Independent. Now I wholeheartedly believe in networking. If you know me or follow my blogs you’ll know, I am a very resourceful person and love to refer people to information or professionals or books/articles that have been helpful to me. In fact, the last places I’ve lived were through networking and others’ help. Because it’s worked for me with living arrangements, I thought why not try it for dating as well? So I’m asking my community, I’m asking my network, I’m asking each of you to keep me in mind if you know of any reasonably priced rooms for rent or long-term house sitting opportunity (9 months or longer) and/or a kind, loving single man seeking a life partner. No need to be concerned about whether the home or the man is a good fit for me. I’ll happily be the one to decide that on my own. Just send them my way, attach some good wishes and your networking task is complete. And if you are the one to bring some sunshine into my life, I’ll be forever grateful.

Bring it on!

My requests:

Ideally, the housing would be in Walnut Creek or Pleasant Hill, California close to my yoga job in Pleasant Hill. I’m seeking quiet and ease as I take care of my body, mind and spirit in the midst of writing my book and stepping toward the future I’ve dreamed of.

If you, or anyone you know – friend or family, co-worker or acquaintance – have a rental ($500 is manageable, $700 is the max, until I get my business up and running) or a long-term house sitting opportunity (9 months or longer), please email me through this page under “Contact” or place a comment at the bottom of this page.

(Maybe there are other options that come to mind outside of the East Bay… please don’t hesitate to share them if you really feel they could be a possibility for me. If my Higher Self has a plan for me in another area of this country or on the other side of the globe, I’m not going to resist checking it out.)


With the joy of networking, here  is my comfortable version of ‘online dating’ > If you know of a kind, caring, loving, fun, stable, emotionally-available, grounded and well-rounded man who is seeking a life partner, please email me through this page under “Contact” or place a comment at the bottom of this page.

(Please resist the urge to recommend any house sitting or dating websites. See my recent blog: Have you tried online dating?)

I so value your support and well-wishes.
I’ll let you know when the magic happens!
In gratitude and light,

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