I survived the DMV – TWICE!

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I survived the long lines at the DMV… twice.

I spent 4.5 hours Fri in huge lines only to make a regrettably poor choice once at the counter to not get the $50 permit which would allow me to drive my car for 60 days despite it having not passed smog.

I just couldn’t rectify paying a total of $175 to drive my own car that MIGHT be put to sleep! (registration plus permit) … until I learned that fixing the car is far more than it’s worth.

So today, I trudged back to the lovely, crowded Dept of Motor Vehicles and waited in line for an hour and a half to get a number then to wait another hour and 45 minutes to get the permit. And silly me forgot my book this time!!! And my phone battery was dying. Luckily, there were some nice people amid the huge line.

When I finally got called to the desk, she asked for my failed smog form which I somehow didn’t think to grab when I ran out of the house! Mamma Mia!!!

But, of all the employees serving the masses, my number was called by the exact same woman that kindly helped me on Fri. So after some deep consideration of what we were to do without the needed forms, she was able to find the old docs on her boss’s desk. Whew!

So I now have paid for permission to drive my car for the next 2 months as I sort out what my next means of transportation will be.


7 responses to “I survived the DMV – TWICE!

    • It’s a 2004 with an unidentifiable oil leak in the engine that smokes and causes the catalytic converter to not be smog worthy. I can replace the Cat Conv for over a thousand dollars (the DMV won’t approve the after market replacement) and it may last me a while longer but I’ll need to replace the Cat Conv again in two years, if not sooner, in order to pass the next smog. Replacing the engine is the only other option and that’s way out of my budget. The car is generally running fine but needs other repairs like the blinker, the brakes and whatever is to come with the 165,000 miles it has acquired.


  1. I just paid $280. A we could go for my 21 year old son’s registration after a few hour wait during a time when the number board was on the blink and the DMV employees personally called out the numbers. And everyone was nice because he didn’t get his first car or even drive until now! Gina, no one ever has it easy at the DMV I guess. But it does sound like you had a particularly rough time

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    • Yes, the DMV is always a fun place to visit. I am so glad I was around nice folks and the employees I spoke with were friendly and efficient. I was able to pass up the one grumpy employee that was dishing out controlling, brash statements that made pretty much everyone she served roll their eyes and hold back from barking back.


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