Broccoli for Breakfast?


Yup, it’s a little bizarre but I make it yummy.

I’ve learned over the years that to sustain that satisfied feeling for several hours, I need to eat a protein, healthy fat, complex grain and a vegetable at every meal. Last summer, I did this food revamp thing that had me drinking a specific protein drink for breakfast every day. Even though I didn’t care for their protein drink, I enjoyed the quick and easy, not too filling start to my day. I wanted to stick with it.

I’ve since been on a dedicated search for a yummy tasting protein powder that isn’t filled with sugar. I have fallen in love with Orgain Organic Chocolate Fudge protein powder! It has (not in order) brown rice protein, pea protein, sunflower oil, sprouted chia seeds, erythritol, stevia, monkfruit and rosemary extract … and every ingredient is organic.

Now I’ll be honest here and say that it doesn’t taste all that spectacular on its own. It’s not bad and it’s better than some I’ve tasted but it’s not sensational either.  SO … I combine the following ingredients to make a delicious, refreshing, satisfying and quick morning drink.

2 scoops Orgain Chocolate Fudge protein

1 cup water

1 tablespoon organic flax oil

1/2 frozen banana

A handful of frozen broccoli (or try frozen spinach)

Use a blender and blend WELL on ice crush mode

Orgain protein also comes in Sweet Vanilla Bean which is great for a fruitier shake if you add frozen banana and replace ½ a cup of the water with ½ cup of 100% organic juice. You can add other fruits as well if you feel so inclined.

You may think ‘yuck’ when you hear frozen broccoli but it doesn’t add any flavor and adds a shake-like thickness combined with the frozen banana which provides a little more sweetness to the enjoyment. Yum!! And I’m satiated for hours.

I recently discovered that actually eating the broccoli by chewing it is best for keeping you hunger-free longer due to the chewing, saliva and more active digestion involved. I’ve given that a try and noticed 2 things: cooked broccoli for breakfast, though odd, isn’t so bad and the protein drink made with just frozen banana is actually even better tasting! So, lately, I have been pre-blending the protein/banana drink and pre-steaming the broccoli so it’s an easy drink, heat and serve breakfast.

Give it a try! Getting those greens in and keeping hunger at bay can be easy and fun.

P.S. I HIGHLY recommend cutting the banana before freezing it; the banana peels are fairly impossible to get off if you freeze the banana whole as-is.

P.S.S I get my Orgain at Vitamin Shoppe. They have sales on it pretty often and the store will always match the internet price which is often better. A large tub ranges from $34.99 at the basic price to $25.50 when you have coupons combined with a sale.


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