Author in the Making

I never thought I’d be a writer, never imagined publishing a book. In January of this year, I started writing a book about my Half Dome Dance. My heart has the dream of sharing my awe and amazement with the world and here I am in the beginnings of just that.

Now, faced with all I don’t know about writing a book and struggling with the structure and story arc, I’ve sought help from many avenues. Though I sometimes get lost in the ‘cursed how’s’ as Mike Dooley says, I have stayed willing, and continued to dedicate myself to the outcome my heart is envisioning… and the writing angels have appeared (thank you, Kathy, Sakada and Tuquynh! and to all those that have donated to my Go Fund Me campaign!)

Gradually with time and an unwavering commitment, I’m becoming the person I need to be in order to live the dream I dreamed.

Keep Dreaming, Friends!!!
In gratitude and light,
Gina Xx


2 responses to “Author in the Making

  1. The best of luck to a frriend and fellow writer, Gina. You are right, we want and need to hear your story and are waiting eagerly for it!
    Love, lLeAnne Strong
    “Perceptions of Mana Fly on The Wall – following my Heart”
    💕(aka: “Mama Fly”) 💕


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