Uplifting Music

I’m not a religious person but I am spiritual and believe there’s more to this world than we see. I have certainly been the recipient of unexplainable miracles and magical moments, as we all have. I know there are supportive energies all around us. One of my programmed radio stations has ‘positive’ music that generally sounds pretty religious-based … it’s the positive, heart-felt lyrics that catch my ear sometimes as I flip through the many radio station choices. I came upon this beautiful song yesterday that lifted my spirits and sang to my optimism.

What Faith Can Do by Kutless

Happy February Everyone!!!


2 responses to “Uplifting Music

  1. Hi, Gina. I will keep this email forever. I AM a religious person and It made me cry but so inspiring at the same time. Thank you for sending it. I’m going through a difficult time in my life right now and it was perfect timing!

    Lots of love, Andrea


    • Hi Andrea! Oh, I am so sorry to hear you’re struggling thru something right now. I can fully relate to the lemons that life can throw at us. I am grateful to hear that my post shared some inspiration thru that beautiful, uplifting song. It really rings true.
      I’m sending supportive thoughts,
      Take care of you,
      Gina xx


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