Writing Prompt – Water, Air, Fire Musings

A long while ago, I was given a writing prompt. Writing prompts are a great way to open up your writing and explore your thinking mind. Here’s one I’d like to share:

Writing Prompt – water, air, fire musings

There’s life in water. There’s life in air. Is there life in fire? It only makes sense that life must live in fire, too. Apparently, there are theories that support this as a possibility.


Not everything can deal with water. We don’t live in water… can’t breathe. Spiders die in water. Fish and kelp live in water. Apparently, there’s life in the black depths of water. But we don’t really know since we can only go so far.  We need air as do many other life forms. But none of us can get beyond a certain point in space. There must be life in the depth of space just like there is in the depth of the ocean.

Isn’t it odd that we can only get to certain levels on this planet? Have we ever been to the core of the earth? Can anything live there? We think we know so much about this world. But we’ve really only scratched the surface.


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