I am seeking long-term housing. I am a respectful, responsible, quiet, and conscientious tenant (and can happily share references, if needed). I currently live in a Pleasant Hill townhouse master bedroom but circumstances have suddenly changed. I’m open to all options if you’d like to pass them by me. Here’s what I’m looking for:

· A quiet, self-standing living space, a studio, possibly an in-law unit if stand-alone or quiet

· Preferably in the Pleasant Hill area but I’m open to the surrounding areas in the East Bay

· Preferably $900 or less in total (While that’s not the going rate in most places, I trust there is someone out there looking for someone just like me!)

· I’m willing to explore a house-share situation (preferably in a master bedroom with private bathroom) with quiet, respectful, clean people but my ideal is to live alone – I have sleep challenges and am very sensitive to noise of all kinds

· I’m seeking stability and a place to create a peaceful home space

· I am in need of a long-term situation, preferably a one-year lease agreement with the likelihood of staying as long as I need

· I need to have the freedom to have an overnight guest as the need arises when a friend or family member comes to visit from time to time

I have an MA in Holistic Health from JFKU and a BA in Psychology from UCSC. I work from home as a Life Coach and am writing a book. I am also a yoga and meditation instructor teaching 7 classes per week in Pleasant Hill.

Please refer me to any potential home options you come across. And hey, who not? … Let me know if you know of any potential single/available, kind-hearted men, too 🙂


6 responses to “SEEKING HOUSING (again!)

  1. Oh, Gina. I am so sorry to hear about this. I was so happy you finally found a place that you loved. I will certainly keep my eyes and ears wide open for you. I know something great will come along again. You deserve it. Love and prayers.


  2. Oh geez!!!!!! This must be beyond frustrating for you, Gina! I can’t imagine how you are able to do this, repeatedly…I wish I had a magic wand to make a permanent move happen for you. Remember to breath through all this chaos in order to preserve your health, physical and emotional ( I know, easier said than done) you, and hoping for a miracle… diane PS: Rick is in India at the ashram where his guru is..for another 2 weeks!


    • Aww thank you for understanding, Diane! How many more mountains do I need to fall off? Ahhh! Thank you for your energy. I talked to Rick just before he left. That’s a long stretch. I wish you well and am here if you wanna ever talk. Love you heaps Xx


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