Practicing What I Teach


This was originally posted on March 12, 2016 … and here I am AGAIN!! Unbelievable.


My head has been on fire with fear – I have to ask for help AGAIN! I have to pack up all my stuff AGAIN; put more of my life into storage!?? Where will I live? Will I find a place I can afford? What if I can’t? Then what? What’s my next step? What direction will my life go?

The Power of Now

My practice is to continually come to the now, feel into my feet, bring my attention to my breath. When I make the time, I read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle) as a helpful reminder… be in the moment, take what action you can and trust.

It’s quite a feat to lower the volume of this thinking mind that’s grasping for certainty, stability, sanity in order to hear what the heart has to say. Stress can take over and I often find myself in overwhelm, appeasing my need for control by diving into my to-do list, frantically Do-Do-Do-ing. Then, when I can do no more, hiding in a bag of chips or a mindless movie.

Another Great Book

In his newest book, The End of Stress, Don Joseph Goewey (The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey) says “Life can become intolerable when we lose control of a situation in which outcomes really matter to us… The anxiety of uncertainty activates your stress response system, which has you jumping to conclusions that predict calamity.” (Page 85)

Mr. Goewey later states, “… 40 percent of our happiness rises or falls depending on the quality of our mental state.” Tending to my mental state has been my focus. Remember who I am, be in the now, trust it will all work out, there’s always a backup plan, ‘you’ll find a way- you always do’.

Practice What You Preach

In my profession as a Certified Life Coach, I help clients get to their inner purpose as they wade through transitions and uncover their next steps in life. As a Yoga Instructor, I offer guidance and create the space for students to connect to the body’s wisdom and be present in the pose. As a teacher/facilitator/intuitive, I hold guided imagery meditation gatherings, providing visualizations to calm the body and center the mind to allow students to clear their internal space to tune back into themselves.

All this is what I am in need of. It’s so much easier to teach this than it is to apply it to myself. Since, unfortunately, I can’t clone myself to have Gina coach me, create the space, guide me to my center, it’s all about tapping into my inner resources, leaning on my teachers and support network, applying all I know and putting into practice what I teach.


The End of Stress (The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey) advises, “The person you want to be, the life you wish to lead, the purpose you long to fulfill, are too important to leave to chance. They require a clear inner purpose that you put first as you work for the Good Life. The irony is that when a clear inner purpose becomes your primary goal, all your other goals have a way of working out.” (Page 90)

Yes, yes! Primary goal; listen in, let the heart speak; reconnect with my primary goal.


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