What a relief!!! I just found a great living space, just in the nick of time… and with a 12 month commitment from my new landlord. Whew! The UHaul is planned for Fri with yoga friends to help with the move: 2 yogi’s and 3 yogini’s. I didn’t even have to ask them!!!!… they EACH, individually, volunteered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so grateful for my yoga community. I announced my search for a home in every class for the last 3ish weeks and I was lead to lots of potentials. Last time I was seeking, I house/cat sat for yoga students for 3.5 months. And this time it was a yoga student that found the place I will land next. Thank you Bill, Sharon, Jenn and Jaime, Ryan, Nate, Graciela, Shary and Richelle, Robert, Deborah, Pam, Beverly and many others!!!

It’s somewhat new to me to connect with yoga students outside of class. I’m reminded of the joyful connection of community when in need and love that when life brings me hardships, the the gift of community can shine thru it all. Thank you, all of you, for cheering me on, supporting me during my emotional upheaval, for your support and camaraderie.


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