Open New Doors


Weekly, in every Guided Visualization gathering I facilitate and in my many yoga classes, I lay out Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards for those who would like to grab one. They are a big hit and many partake in picking from the stack. Some just randomly grab one but most center themselves or internally check in and ask for guidance before they grab a card. I love to see the bright smiles or the glow they give off when the card synchronistically is the perfect fit for what they needed to be reminded of or what they needed to have confirmed or affirmed. Love it!

Every Monday, I pick a quote or poem for the week. I share that quote or poem in Shavasana, the resting pose at the end of yoga practice. I then post it here in my blog, up on Facebook, Google +, Linked In and Twitter. Tuesday when I was about to teach yoga, I realized that I’d forgotten the quote that I’d picked for the week at my computer at home. I quickly grabbed one of the Power Thought Cards that I had just splayed out and was pleased at the one I picked. I read the card aloud just after people settled in for Shavasana.

“I open new doors to life: I rejoice in what I have,
and I know that fresh new experiences are always ahead.
I greet the new with open arms.
I trust life to be wonderful.”

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