Our Thoughts Create

What can you choose to think today that will bring balance, harmony and peace into your life?

Tips on changing dis-empowering or limiting thoughts:

  1.  Become aware of your thoughts – what are you thinking right now? Moment by moment? Pick a time/several times during your day to be consciously aware of your thoughts.
  2. Look at your life and notice how your thoughts have become true for you. Maybe you believe money is hard to come by or love never lasts or you always run late. What you believe to be true is true.
  3. Once you recognize and hear the thoughts you are thinking, you can change them. Replace your judgemental or dis-empowering thoughts (Examples: I’m not smart enough to understand this. All I do is complain! I look awful in this shirt! Why bother? I’m never going to change.) with affirming, empowering thoughts (I am dedicated to figuring this out. I see the positive in everything I see/do/experience. This shirt accentuates my blue eyes. I lose weight easily and naturally.) Even if the replacement thought doesn’t seem true to you at this moment, continue to counter those dis-empowering thoughts with empowering thoughts.
  4. Stick to it. Write out your empowering thoughts in a journal or notebook. Say them aloud whenever you can. Get a book about affirmations that calls to you from any number of authors and follow their suggestions.

It may seem overwhelming at first but with time and awareness, it will become easier and easier.

Once you change your thoughts, your life will change.


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