We affect others…

Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds.

– David Deida, best selling author

This quote speaks to the fact that we are all connected. I may not be able to comprehend or grasp this truth, let alone teach it or speak of it, but I certainly believe it.

Reflect on how you, your behavior, your outlook on life affects who you are and what you portray out into the world around you. How do you affect those in your everyday interactions? … which in turn, affects your immediate world? How does this affect the world at large?

Now consider how you want your behavior, who you are, your outlook on life to affect your everyday interactions, your immediate world and the world at large. What changes can you make within yourself TODAY to more positively affect those around you? Sometimes starting with the outward portrayal can jumpstart things and be a benefit to shifting what is within us (maybe by donating time to a benefit-walk or making your voice heard to local congressmen). Generally though, we need to begin within – our foundation, our emotions, our wellness, our perspective. Only then can we make larger changes that reflect out to our day-to-day interactions/community which then can emanate out to the world at large.


P.S. – After the tragic event in Las Vegas last night, 10/1/17, as well as the earthquake in Mexico and hurricane in Puerto Rico, and all the other tragedies that continue to happen in the world, we need – all the more – to have awareness of our state of being and how that affects our impact on those around us.

Watching/reading/hearing the news and all the horror in our world is a fairly new thing to us as humans on this planet. The world is becoming virtually smaller and smaller as we are exposed to the happenings around the globe with all our technology. Our human physiology isn’t meant to take in (or at least not used to taking in) all that intensity and charge.

If we watch the news just before bed or right when we wake, we’ll carry that into our sleep or set the foundation of our day and this can deeply affect us, even if we’re not conscious of it. As Oprah once wisely said, if we’re in a plane that’s about to crash, we need to put the air mask on ourselves first before we can be of service to any dependent or others around us. From this perspective, it is essential for us to care for ourselves – physically, emotionally, spiritually – before we can be of service to anyone, to our world. Maybe that means getting into a centered, strong place within ourselves before reading/hearing/watching the news. And afterward, consciously releasing or clearing away all that may have been picked up emotionally/energetically/empathically from the experience. Maybe that means limiting our intake to a certain hour of the day or day of the week/month. Maybe that means stepping away from the news completely. Omitting the news doesn’t mean that we’re burying our head in the sand. We will be made aware of what needs to be known and energetically, we feel the shifts that happen, again even if unconsciously. Some of us have the makeup to go into the world and stand tall, fight back, help create effective change. Some of us are sensitive souls who need to pull back from those intensities, give our support, prayers, and energetic offerings from a distance. Regardless, energetically and emotionally tuning into oneself and making changes within DOES positively affect the world at large.

Feeling grateful for all one has, keeping optimism close to our hearts with our eyes seeking out the joys and the good in this world, grounding and centering, sending out light, love and prayers to those we feel compassion for… all of this makes a difference in our interactions with others and to the world at large.


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