In this week’s yoga and guided visualization classes, I’m sharing some of the key points discussed in an article called “the Meaning of Om” by Valerie Rice, a writer, editor, speaker, consultant, and Kripalu Yoga instructor. Then, as a class, we are chanting Om together in starting our practice and again in the closing of our practice.

Chanting Om is one of my favorite ways to illicit a sense of calm and connection to myself, a connection with those around me, and a connection to something bigger. Though chanting Om alone is also greatly beneficial, the most ideal experience of this is when chanting Om with others. I have the joyful opportunity to experience the affects of this chant seven times this week as I teach! After just three rounds of chanting Om, I feel a resonance within my physical self and a resonance in the room.

Chanting Om stimulates reflection and insight allowing us to tune into our perception, our intuition and imagination. It brings us in touch with our physical senses, a vibration that is felt in the chest, throat and heart and reverberates throughout the body. In my experience, the more times Om is chanted in unison in a group, the more in tune the group can become as the notes and sounds of each member align… a beautiful resonance that can be heard as well as felt.

The benefits are wonderful even when experienced solo so there’s no need to wait for an opportunity in a group to present. Give this a try anytime: while taking a bath/shower, while driving or anytime you need to recenter.


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