Body Wisdom

Body awareness is something we want to cultivate and make an intrinsic part of our lives, because living in a body-aware way gives us a sense of aliveness and purpose in all aspects of life. When we’re disconnected from the body, we can’t be fully present. A meaningful life depends upon a sense of aliveness and presence, both of which spring from intimate contact with internal body states.

Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body by Peter A. Levine, PHD

One of the many precious gifts my fall down Half Dome gave me was awareness of my body. After months of dedicated physical therapy followed by years of body-attention and care that continues to this day, I have learned to truly live in this body of mine… gratefully, joyously. Pain and illness are ways the body speaks to us.  When I experience pain or my body sends me warning signals of various types, I am more resistant to being present with what is yet those times are when it’s all the more important to listen to its guidance. The body’s signals steer us toward health, wellness and living vibrantly. This attention to our physical self can be an asset to the practice of being present here and now. Paying attention to the messages the body tells us as we move thru life allows us to slow down, to feel, to be, to partake in all the richness living has to offer.

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