We Miss You


It’s been one year since my father passed. I still get tears when I think of him. He’s been a part of my life for as long as I’ve existed so when a thought of him comes, my mind habitually thinks he’s still here. But, then, present time hits and I’m instantly reminded that he’s no longer with us in physical form. Though it is very difficult for my brain to comprehend, my belief and understanding is that all our loved ones that have reemerged into the non-physical remain with us. My hope is that as the grief subsides I’ll be able to reconnect with him intuitively in his new state of being.

I find comfort in the myriad of You Tube recordings of talks given by Abraham, a channeled collection of infinite intelligence/spiritual beings that have spent the last several years attempting to explain what life is all about, our existence and how we can more powerfully claim our lives. The audios and books give a completely different view of our lives here and they have opened me up to a whole new experience of being. Abraham, channeled through Ester Hicks, says that returning back to the non-physical is returning to pure alignment, coming into the fullness of who you are, regaining all your power. That brings the age-old saying, “They are in a better place” to a different light for me. (More about Abraham below)

Here are a few blog links, with a bit from each, that I’ve posted about my father in the last year:

Life Gets SIMPLE  – A few bits = There was a deep healing that happened while sitting at his bedside holding his hand. I took this cherished opportunity to thank my dad for loving me, for supporting me through my life upheavals, for being at my bedside when I was severely injured, for helping me move toward my dreams, for being my teacher, oftentimes when he didn’t even know he was. I will be eternally grateful that I had this precious time at the end of his life – to hold his hand, dish out his meds, help him eat the tiny amounts he could, listen to his exalted joy over the sweet taste of fresh fruit. It was a treasured opportunity to hear of his fears of leaving this existence and tell him I think he is incredibly brave to swim in those fears with such strength. And it was an honor to intuitively support his spirit thru all he was experiencing by giving him energy healings, a gift I’d never shared with him before.

I’m proud of you, Dad – proud to be your daughter, proud to be a Bartiromo, proud to have been by your side at the most challenging time of your life. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else … anywhere. I miss you. Every moment of that intense time was a gift I will cherish forever. And truly nothing else matters.

Grieving a Deep Loss; Memorial – A few bits = He had a sense of humor and was funny. He enjoyed his time with us. When I was learning to read, I remember sitting on his lap reading aloud for him with one of his magazines. I got stuck on the word determined. I sounded it out as “determined” … and he had quite a laugh at my innocent attempt to sound out a big word… so I, too, laughed… and we giggled for quite some time. He helped me to learn the meaning of that word and how to pronounce it correctly. As I look back at that sweet, loving memory now, it seems serendipitous – the word determined has become so applicable in my life. And truly, all of my family’s lives.

An unspoken passion of his was music. He whistled or sang to all those 50s and 60s songs as he did his worked around the house caring for the home my parents so lovingly created for us.  I remember laying on his belly after dinner as he watched a skit show called Shanannana. He’d sing along as we laughed at the skits.

Thank you, Dad, for all that you were in my life. As you rejoin with your beloved son Anthony in the afterlife, I know that you are with us and always will be. I will miss your presence in my life.

Abraham thoughts continued:

As Abraham was talking with a woman who had lost her father (Abraham-Hicks: From Grief to Joy), Abraham said, “For so long, you’ve been equating what you call ‘death’ with something that is ‘bad’ when it really is not a terrible thing. There is no such thing as ‘death.’ It’s not a ‘terrible thing’ to reemerge into the fullness of who you are. You don’t want to say ‘My father died.’ You need a different label for death. You want to say ‘My father released all of his (human) resistance and came into the full alignment of who he is and… now I have access to him in a closer, fuller way than ever before.” (Abraham books: The Law of Attraction: the Basic Teachings of Abraham and Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires)

6 responses to “We Miss You

  1. What a wonderful relationship you had with your father. I wish I’d had one like yours. Cherish those moments forever. I’ve been taking some time off to do things around the house and yard and spending lots of time with family and friends. I’ll be back on the 9th of July. Miss you. See you soon.


    • It was a challenging one on my side… he wasn’t the easiest man to talk to or deal with. But he loved me/us and did the best he can. And when it came to the end of his life, all the challenges went away and I feel there was tremendous healing as I cared for him. I’m glad you’re getting some time with family and friends 🙂 The weather has been so beautiful! Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you in class soon 🙂


  2. What beautiful memories of cherished moments with your Dad. It’s sad that our loved ones are no longer “with” us or accessible in the ways they once were, but I think you’re on to something really deep and important about death being a release of this embodied form in exchange for something more in alignment with our Selves. Yes and yes.


  3. Beautifully said Gina. Its all about perspective isn’t. So many from the other side have and continue to give us this message quoted from Abraham Hicks. Hard to believe for some but luckily you know. It reminded me of this Poem in case you have never seen it.



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