“Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”

“…we must always be prepared for the waves of transformation.”

“It won’t last forever. Nothing does.”

~ Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Eat, Pray, Love

Land recovers from ruin. Fire is devastating but ultimately rejuvenating, breeding renewal. The beauty of the landscape is shaped by moving plates, oftentimes uprooting our human creations. The violence of volcanoes can produce remarkable beauty. Every element has the ability to destroy as well as to create.

Ruin is a part of life. It won’t last forever but it’s part of the human condition. When you’re bogged down in ‘ruin,’ it certainly doesn’t feel like a gift. Be gentle with yourself and know that things can’t become clear when you feel like you’re drowning. It’s time to take long, full breaths and simplify your life for a while; get to the bare minimum allowing your psyche and your body to rest. Take a break from any overwhelm, while putting this all into perspective, by researching and remembering others who have overcome life’s challenges.

And consider all the previous times you have risen above. Seek to find rest in knowing you can do it again. Seek to find rest in knowing that creation is bound to be what blossoms from the ruin.

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